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Assalamualaikum May Peace Be Upon You Welcome To My Website

A bit about myself

I am from the hanafi school of thought i am From the Ahle Sunnat wal Jama’at movement,
From the age of 17 I have been practicing sufism From my Murshid/teacher I Have Got Bay’ah/I have given oath of allegiance in the Qadir Naqshbandi Rifai Tariqa/Sufi orders The Rifai Tariqa/Sufi order Is a very powerful and beautiful Sufi order You can read about it hereI Have Also received a Khodam  From my beloved teacher what is Amil of Ilmu Khodam the Islamic Occult Art of Acquiring and Directing Spirit Servants  If you would like to know more you can visit my blog  post here I speak about the topic in detail.The Khodam Is for helping people in need With spiritual problems and Spiritual healing And Medical problems alhamdulillah.

I try to worship Allah subhana Tala As much as I can I try to stay away from sin as much as I can I read the dalailu l khayrati Every day alhamdulillah I have received gifts from the Famous awliyā That have passed away Like Abdullah Shah Ghazi these gifts where passed down to my Murshid/spiritual guide to be given to me alhamdulillah some of them you can see in the Roohani/Spiritual items section of the website I am just a normal person that has been blessed with knowledge from My beloved Murshid/spiritual guide and From My beloved teacher what is Amil of Ilmu Khodam the Islamic Occult Art of Acquiring and Directing Spirit Servants alhamdulillah  I am nothing but a student of  Sufism/Tasawwuf and Ilmu Khodam


I perform Ruqyah strictly according to Quran and Sunnah. My spiritual powers are pure Islamic. But my services/roohanimadad is for all mankind.

My duty is to help all humans who need peace and spiritual support/roohanimadad.

“Service to Mankind is service to God”

Is Using Magic Items allowed in Islam?

Magic item is a specific thing in possession of other advantages aside from the physical one of it’s. For instance, Prophet Solomon’s ring. It merely functioned as a finger jewel, so that it may perform various miracles, but it was blessed by God with His power. When Ifrit stole it, the ring empowered him to perform miracles done by Prophet Solomon himself.

Scholars and societies have various perspectives on items that are magic. But difference is clemency, not a rationale to argue or fight. Beliefs difference or view is a standard occurence in all human life. In Islam, of which all moslems accept sacred publication, there’s constantly view difference among the scholars. The same thing occurs in all other faiths.

We clarify our perspective on magic items use, which is supported lessons or by hadith from narratives that are prophetic. In our view, using magic items is permitted, so long as you believe that all blessings come from God. It is also vital that you select the source of those things that are magic. Should they come from great source (e. g. from dhikr benediction), then it is great.

But using magic items may be prohibited in the event that you consider that said items are aside from God’s in possession of their very own power. And when the magic items come from magic practice that was black, it is definitely prohibited.
Hadith and history show that using magic items is permitted as long as our religion is settled. By which we mean all wonders occur by the will of God. Below we mention prophetic and hadith narratives for your thought:

Advantage of Zam zam water
In it there’s food for the starving as well as a remedy for the sick.”

Prophet Joseph’s clothing
Through a top, God cured blindness as described in Surah Yusuf : “Get this, my top, and throw it over the face of my dad, he’ll become seeing.

I got possession of it, when she passed away.

Hadrat Safiya (ra) narrates the cap (helmet) of Khalid ibn Walid included some (fortunate) hair of Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon Hadrat Safiya (ra). When that (helmet) cap fell in some battle field, he began to look for it, when many Sahaba were martyred in that conflict, the folks firmly whined about (what he did).

Prophet Solomon’s ring
Prophet Solomon possessed a ring with sacred term written on it, as told in Surah Shaad. This enabled him to control the entire nature, including spirits, animal and human. One day his ring was stolen by Ifrit, making him replaced by Ifrit in disguise and shoved aside from his kingship. It occurred by God’s will to remind Prophet Solomon who let his wife actions idolatry then. After an extended procedure for repentance, Prophet Solomon ruled in his kingdom and got his ring back.

Prophet Moses’ staff
Prophet Moses possessed a wooden cane blessed with miracles, like turning itself into giant snake to get the better of the sorcerers of Fir’aun. Another remarkable wonder is when the Red Sea divide so Prophet Moses (Peace and blessings be upon them) and his followers could pass without drowning in the Red Sea.It from said stone appeared 12 water sources for 12 Israeli tribes and hit a stone. As a believer of God, you’d not believe that the staff was divine. You think the staff was just a medium of God’s favour, the same is true for The things whom I supply.

Now you have read our explanation on magic items use. From now on, it is your choice to reconsider it or to make use of. As a person that is free, you’ve got an absolute right to find out your own view on any other items that are magic.

Expect this could shed some light on this particular matter.
Walllahua’lam bissawab (God, the All Knowing One).

O My My Lord/Allah, forgive me and forgive all showiness of this website. Let this website be for You and for You only. Shower your Infinite Rahma (Grace) on All of us, on this website and make it sacred and be a recurring source of Your peace.
My Lord/Allah, with Your Beautiful Light show us the Truth. Surely You are the True Guide, and You show the path to whom You will. Purify our heart, get rid of the veils of ignorance and let the realization of the Truth make us free.
There is none we can turn For forgiveness, but You.
O Beloved, we can not know You completely, since You can only know Your True Self. But grant us the true vision necessary to Love You in a way that pleases You.
You are the Infinite Glory, Infinite Majesty and Infinite Love.
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